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Temptation to Lie

Daren Streblow Comedy Show – 4th of July Special


We celebrate Independence Day with a star-spangled musical medley from the one-and-only Tim Hawkins. We also get a call from Chris Rossetti who is concerned about the miniature size of airplane seats. Plus, Daren, David, and Riley attempt to figure out the purpose of the car-key panic button. Featuring:

David Pendleton
Riley Armstrong
Chris Rossetti
Brad Stine
John Crist
Denny Brownlee
Jeff Allen
Tim Hawkins

Listen to Matt Jernigan on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


Matt Jernigan shares his brand new stand-up and musical comedy from his new project. Plus Daren, David, and Riley discuss the recently-overturned video-game ban in Marshfield, Massachusetts — yes, Ms. Pac Man is back! And Bob Smiley calls in to complain about his neighbor’s grossly-overweight cat.

Featuring: Matt Jernigan, Brian Regan, David Pendleton, Riley Armstrong, Ken Davis, Bob Smiley, and Leland Klassen.

Listen here:

Listen to Carlos Oscar on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


Daren discusses the symptoms and cure for a condition he calls being teen deaf. Carlos Oscar talks about his serious work with an organization that helps women out of sex slavery. Wil Twynstra shares his challenges of being a Dutch-Mexican. Plus Riley Armstrong sings about being a adrenaline junkie – the man drinks water straight from the faucet!

Featuring: Carlos Oscar, David Pendleton, Riley Armstrong, Marty Simpson, Chonda Pierce, John Branyan, and Wil Twynstra.

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Listen to Bone Hampton on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


Bone Hampton has a hilarious brand new project out – hear it here first! Also, Daren, David, and Riley discuss a new product that will make sure you will never pay a speeding-ticket again! Tim Hawkins sings the Government Song. Plus, Ron Pearson calls in to trumpet his time-tested parenting technique that never ever ever fails – ever!

Featuring: Bone Hampton, David Pendleton, Riley Armstrong, Ron Pearson, Denny Brownlee, Micheal Jr., and Tim Hawkins.

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Listen to Phil Callaway on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


This week Daren talks about being hit by a cop car – seriously! Phil Callaway tells us the secret to coping with deep personal loss. Plus Riley Armstrong picks up his guitar to publicly give up one of his favorite vices.

Featuring: Brian Regan, Phil Callaway, David Pendleton, Riley Armstrong,Tim Hawkins, Ron McGehee & Ron Pearson.

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Won’t Shut

Panic Attack

Listen to Jeff Caldwell on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


Press play now and hear Daren, Riley, and David find out why marriages suffer if the husband is sick. You won’t believe Jeff Caldwell’s college training before he embarked on his hilarious comedy career; we will showcase his talents for you. Plus Tim Hawkins will shoot a computer — a feel-good that will make your day!

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Listen to our Memorial Day Edition of the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


We celebrate Memorial Day in this episode by giving you a plethora of fun and patriotic comedy that will be sure to be the perfect soundtrack to your sleeping-in-late and overeating festivities. Know-It-All Guy stops by to explain the connection between the Bible’s Noah and today’s modern grilling (we know you’ve always suspected a connection.)

Plus Daren, David, and Riley hear a report of the daring rescue of a child trapped inside a claw machine — who has no desire to get out!

Featuring: Scott Wood, David Pendleton, Riley Armstrong, Gordon Mesedahl, Keith Alberstadt, Anita Renfroe, Liz Thompson, Nazareth, Denny Brownlee, Jeff Allen and Paul Aldrich.

Listen here:

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Divorce Parties?

A Way to Overcome Negative Emotions


I discovered an interesting way to overcome negative feelings!

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder a few years back and went on medication for awhile because my anxiety was getting to the point where I wasn’t functioning very well. The non-scary things in my life were starting to scare me, like: my neighbor’s poodle, Girl Scout cookies, and, sometimes, adverbs; so it was time for me to get on the happy pills, or do yoga, but I don’t think I could stand on my head with my foot in my ear.

Today, I feel a lot better; I’ve had some breakthroughs in my health, and I’ve been learning to trust God more and my negative feelings less. But I still get bouts of anxiety now and again. I will worry about my kids behavior, my basement flooding, my kids flooding my basement, etc. But, like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been doing something the last few days that has really been helping me feel better — without the help of medication, chanting, or do-it-yourself lobotomies. What is it?

I laugh.

That’s right, when the anxiety presses in, I push myself to let out a little laugh. Now, don’t get me wrong; I don’t blast out a random “HA!” when I’m checking in for jury duty (although it might help me get out of it). But as loudly as I can without attracting the attention of strangers, I try to laugh. Granted, it creeps out my kids a little bit, but I think that one should keep one’s kids guessing at his state of sanity anyway; it keeps them in line and it’s a lot of fun.

So, is my laughing helping with my negative emotions? Yes!

I instantly feel a little better. Why? Well, I’m not entirely sure. I think it might be because the laughter interrupts the mental pattern that I’ve set up in my head where I get a nervous feeling, dwell on it for a few minutes, panic for several seconds, eat a cookie, and then return to my day. So, instead of stewing about anxiety, I laugh and it’s over. How about that?

Now, you might be thinking, “I might want to try that for myself, but I don’t tell jokes for a living Daren, and as an adult, I can’t just laugh willy-nilly; I need a reason!” Really? Have you ever been in the room with someone who had “the giggles?” You have no idea why this person is laughing; it’s weird; it’s annoying; it’s random — but totally contagious! Sometimes it’s impossible not to join in without any reason, and it feels really good!

When I was a kid, my sisters and I used to get a bad case of the giggles during the sermon at church; not only was it inappropriate to laugh during a sermon entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins and You,” but also my dad had a bad habit of skipping breakfast before church; his stomach sounded like he was speed-draining an Olympic-sized swimming pool through a plastic straw. I’m not sure how, but Dad could never actually hear the screaming and wailing his stomach was doing, so he would get angry at his flippant children and their attitude towards the serious sermon, which only made our laughter worse! It was in times like this I discovered that my stomach could cramp so violently that it would twist together with my undergarments, and I could give myself an impressive “look-no-hands” wedgie.

There’s is almost always something funny to find in every situation, if you look for it; you don’t always need to find the funny thing first; you can laugh and find the funny thing later. Sometimes just the act of laughing in a tough situation is ridiculous enough to make you feel silly, and laugh some more.

For most people, myself included, laughing isn’t really a reflex to pain, so you have to train yourself to do it effectively (and appropriately), but I have found it is worth the effort. Not only do you feel better, but laughter is often the first step towards healing.

So, I challenge you, for the next couple of days, when things get tough, stop what you are doing and laugh!

Laugh because it interrupts the pain.
Laugh because it’s going to be okay.
Laugh because your emotions are being so predictable right now.
Laugh because of the look that’s on your face right now.
Laugh because you feel awkward.
Laugh because you don’t have all the answers.
Laugh because you are human like everyone else.
Laugh because it feels really good.

Laugh, because, ultimately, if you have faith, you already know that all this pain is going to work together for your good. The joke is on the pain — not you.

Let me know how it goes in the comments!

“She laughs at the days to come.”
Proverbs 31:25

Happy Memorial Day

“Fist-Bumps” Save Lives

Meteor Shower on Saturday

Road Rage – Daren Streblow Comedy Show Minicast


This episode is newly put together for our podcasting service, and you get to hear it first. Leland Klassen, Riley Armstrong, and I discover a new gadget that is supposed to help predict road rage. Donna East shares her weight loss woes. And we chat with Marty Simpson about his great new comedy DVD.

Do you think the road rage gadget is a good idea? Got a better idea for a road rage gadget? Let me know in the comments below.


Listen here:

Texting Report Card

Our Tribute to John Pinette on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


In this funny and bittersweet episode, we remember the fantastic John Pinette with selections of his comedy, and Daren’s last recorded interview with John. Plus Daren, David, and Riley find out why extroverts ares scientifically proven to be happier than introverts. We also play the comedy song that made Rhett and Link famous.

Featuring: John Pinette, David Pendleton, Riley Armstrong, Denny Brownlee, Chonda Pierce, Marty Simpson, Rich Praytor, & Rhett and Link.

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Listen to Phil Di Tommaso on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


Phil Di Tommaso has an uncle in the mafia; and despite Uncle Tony’s demand that you “laugh or get whacked,” you are going to love Phil’s comedy. Comedian Matt Jernigan calls in all down-in-the-dumps; will Daren be able to help? Plus Daren, Leland, and Riley discuss a new study that finds out if toddlers are more adept at gadgets than college students.

Featuring the comedy of: Phil Di Tommaso, Riley Armstrong, Leland Klassen, Chonda Pierce, Anita Renfroe, John Branyan, and Matt Jernigan.

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here:

Listen to Ken Davis on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show


In this episode, we discover the life-changing event that forever transformed funnyman Ken Davis. Plus Daren talks via telephone to a man who has lived inside a fast food restaurant since the ’80s! Speaking of the ’80s — Kerri Pomarolli confesses to Daren that ’80s music drives her to call old boyfriends to find out what went wrong — (it doesn’t usually go well).

Featuring the comedy of:
Ken Davis, Riley Armstrong, Leland Klassen, Brian Regan, Tim Hawkins, Kerri Pomarolli, Gid Pool, Denny Brownlee, and Rik Roberts.

This episode is no longer available. For our current episode, listen here: